Square Peg


Square Peg is an 8-part podcast about how in 2017, Rob Collins, an American suburban dad, accidentally got sucked into the bizarre world of Frank Carver, a vengeful, one-eyed British curmudgeon who’d been on a decades-long mission to have his brother imprisoned. Rob’s two-year quest to help Frank and learn the truth led him across England, to a psychiatrist in Berlin, and ultimately to a funeral—which Rob officiated. It’s a bizarrely heartfelt story about bitterness, family secrets, and the things we bury in the past. ”…riveting enough that I couldn’t stop listening, and am so glad this show has completely dropped, I would have died if I wouldn’t have been able to binge it.” — Lauren Passell, Podcast the Newsletter “This is what David felt like when he slew Goliath. The Square Peg podcast, an indie production, has released an eight-episode narrative series that is comparable to—and in many ways —better than any production a large podcast network could create, develop, finance and produce.” — Frank Racioppi, EarWorthy