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René Carayol

How different and better might the world be if we harnessed leadership skills in young people at the beginning of their careers? When young people think about leadership, there is often the tendency to equate it with experience or responsibility. Through the combination of storytelling inspired by "lived experiences" and a live commentary on the affairs of the week, we are making leadership accessible to this younger generation, inspiring them to find their “Spikes” and realise they too can be a leader if they choose to be.

Extraordinary Times Demands Extraordinary Leadership
Oct 7 2021
Extraordinary Times Demands Extraordinary Leadership
EPISODE NOTESRené speaks with the authority and confidence of the leader who has seen and experienced it all before. René draws much from his own unique lived experiences from his executive and non-executive career such as Managing Director at IPC Media and serving on a variety of boards including Pepsi and the Inland Revenue.All leaders and winning businesses have one thing in common. René calls it SPIKE – your natural inherent strength, something you are truly GREAT at. When it comes to answering the most important question “What are you Great at?”, many will find themselves at a loss. Spike will enable you to unleash your inherent strengths and realise your true potential. As René says, “If you accept your limitations, you go beyond them.” By focusing on colleagues strengths it naturally fosters a more collaborative, diverse and inclusive culture as people from different ‘walks of life’ offer different but vital skills.This strengths based leadership approach will assist you in making the most honest and authentic assessment of your true (few) outstanding inherent strengths (Spikes).Spikes’ strengths based focus is the most straightforward and perhaps most progressive leadership approach to:Building self-esteem and confidenceAccelerating your executive careerBuilding truly inclusive high-performing teamsEnsuring no-one is left behindHow do you get in contact with Rene:Profile - themarque.com/profile/rene-carayol Linkedin - linkedin.com/in/renecarayolInstagram - @renecarayolTwitter - @renecarayolEmail - info@carayol.comWebsite - www.carayol.comSpeaking Enquiries - carayol.com/contactRené