The Challenges and Benefits of Doing Things Differently

Cancer is Tough, but YOU are TOUGHER!

Jan 4 2022 • 39 mins

The Challenges and Benefits of Doing Things Differently

“I haven’t had a sick day since I was diagnosed.” Dr. Howard Freedman

Dr. Howard Freedman is a retired pediatric ophthalmologist renowned for inventing a way to screen children as young as 6 months for amblyopia, lazy eye, one of the most prevalent—yet preventable—causes of blindness in children.

He’s also been diagnosed with cancer, twice.

In this episode he talks about the obstacles he faced while trying to make inroads within the medical community to help kids who would otherwise unnecessarily lose their vision, a true healthcare tragedy. And he shares his cancer story. Two journeys, one professional and the other personal, have surprising parallels.

These two physicians share important REVELATIONS in:

  • The forces that try to stop therapeutics that really help people
  • The basic problem with medicine when trying to change the status quo
  • Seeking multiple opinions and exploring those with a doctor you trust
  • Choosing treatments that allow for a normal lifestyle

Dr. Onik shares his Medical Golden Rule perhaps the single greatest factor owing to his incredible success.


For over 40 years Dr. Gary Onik has been pioneering advances in cancer treatment that have rocked the field of oncology, inventing an entirely new branch of cancer treatment now known as “Interventional Oncology” based on his innovative minimally invasive techniques. Both doctor and patient, he created a cancer vaccine and successfully treated his own terminal prostate cancer using his invention. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Onik is an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, working closely with his colleagues to develop the next generation of cancer fighting technologies. His latest work, using immunotherapy to treat metastatic cancer, offers hope to those patients with literally no other options.


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