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The FOX News Rundown is the place to find in-depth reporting on the news that impacts you. Each morning, Mike Emanuel, Dave Anthony, Lisa Brady, Jessica Rosenthal and Chris Foster take a deep dive into the major and controversial stories of the day, tapping into the massive reporting resources of FOX News to provide a full picture of the news.    Plus, every evening The FOX News Rundown: War On Ukraine brings you up to date reporting and analysis on the crisis unfolding in that country and on the weekend, you’ll hear everything that’s going on in the beltway with The FOX News Rundown: From Washington and special uncut, unedited interviews with The FOX News Rundown: Extra.    Each day The FOX News Rundown features insight from top newsmakers, along with FOX News reporters and contributors, plus a daily commentary on a significant issue of the day. Check us out twice a day, every day. FOX News Rundown: War On Ukraine: With Russia launching a full-scale invasion against its sovereign neighbor, The FOX News Rundown is there to provide in-depth coverage on the conflict. Every evening The FOX News Rundown: War On Ukraine provides up to date reporting and analysis on the crisis unfolding in that country. With insight from experts and reporting from correspondents on the ground, The FOX News Rundown brings you everything you need to know about the armed conflict.

From Washington: Can Washington Find Common Ground In The Wake Of Texas Shooting?War On Ukraine: Russia Focuses Attacks On Eastern UkraineAhead Of Memorial Day, Americans Step Up For VeteransWar On Ukraine: Millions Of Refugees Return To Ukraine But Crisis RemainsTexas Shooting Reignites Fierce Gun Control Debate
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War On Ukraine: Ukraine On Top Of The Agenda At Davos Economic ForumTexas School Shooting Leaves Multiple Dead And Community In MourningWar On Ukraine: Russia Trying To Block Ukraine From The Black Sea"Absolutely A Red Flag": How Primary Turnout Highlights GOP Enthusiasm
Tuesday, May 24th voters will head to the primary polls in Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia. With midterms approaching, so has more in-depth discussions and forecasting into how the balance of power may shift in Congress following the 2022 elections. Democrats are fighting hard to maintain their majorities while the GOP is gearing up to attempt to flip both houses in November. Daron Shaw, member of the Fox News Decision Desk team and professor at the University of Texas at Austin, joins the Rundown to break down what the latest primary polls are suggesting, what tone the campaign ads have been hitting this primary season, the interesting developments within the Georgia and Alabama elections and why we are seeing a favorable election climate for Republicans. COVID cases are still on the rise throughout the country with an estimated 800,000 just last week. But as Americans continue to deal with the latest wave, a new virus has entered the country: Monkeypox. Reports of Monkeypox infections are now in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Many are concerned as this is the first-time multiple cases in different countries have been simultaneously reported in people who have not been infected due to travel to Africa. Johns Hopkins University Professor and FOX News Medical Contributor Dr. Marty Makary joins the Rundown to explain what the virus is, how it's spread and why he doesn't believe it will become as big a threat as COVID. Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of "Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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War On Ukraine: Chinese Military Scholar Criticizes Russian Invasion Of UkraineWhy Should We Keep Title 42?: Rep. Waltz On Why The U.S. Isn't Ready for a Wide-Open Border
After the CDC announced plans to terminate Title 42 in early April, many Americans expressed concerns that the U.S. may be ill-prepared to welcome an influx of migrants into the country. To prevent potential chaos at the border, U.S. District Judge Robert Summerhays has issued an injunction that prohibits the Biden Administration from lifting Title 42 on May 23rd, the day the CDC initially planned to end it. Today, Florida Republican Congressman Michael Waltz joins the Rundown to discuss why the border crisis is quickly becoming a prominent national security threat, and how prematurely lifting Title 42 could do harm to every state despite its intent to regulate crossings at the southern border. He also touches on how the baby formula shortage is affecting American families from his perspective as the father of a four-month-old son.    UFOs are not a laughing matter. That was the message last week after Congress held its first hearing on the subject since the 1960s. Both lawmakers and the Pentagon now say the videos of unidentified aerial phenomena are real and should be taken seriously. Whether the objects are from another world or a foreign adversary, there is growing urgency to identify who created them. Retired four-star general David Perkins joins the Rundown to explain what kind of aircrafts they could be and why UAPs could pose a threat to our country’s national security.   Plus, commentary by Republican strategist Colin Reed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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A Deeper Look At Zelensky And PutinFrom Washington: The Debate To Expand NATOThe GOP's Plan To Ease Inflation Pain, Soaring Gas PricesFrom Washington: Some Republicans Oppose Ukraine Aid PackageWar On Ukraine: How Putin Controls Russian OligarchsWhy Your Grocery Bill Is So High
Inflation and supply chain issues continue to drive up prices for Americans and agriculture is a sector that has been particularly hard hit. U.S. farmers growing many of the grocery store staples are being hit with higher costs for fuel, fertilizer, and chemicals. All of these costs are complicating business for farmers across the country while pushing American grocery bills up nearly 10 percent since last year. Danny Hicks manages his family’s Sunnycrest Farm in Londonderry, New Hampshire. He joins the Rundown to explain how high prices for fuel, chemicals and fertilizers are making it difficult for him and fellow farmers to break even operating their business and why a recession poses an existential threat to the survival of smaller farms.   Last Saturday, an 18-year-old gunman opened fire in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, carrying out a racially motivated attack that killed ten people and left three others injured, most of which were Black. Another mass shooting took place in Laguna Woods, California. A Chinese citizen opened fire in that attack targeting Taiwanese people, killing one and wounding five others. These attacks are the most recent forms of racially motivated violence as a rise in hate crime incidents has been recorded so far in 2022. Scott Shepherd was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He joins the Rundown to discuss how his abusive upbringing led him down that path, how he abandoned his hateful and racist ideology, and why he believes hate crimes are still so persistent in the U.S.   Plus, commentary by Democratic strategist and former Biden campaign surrogate Kevin Walling.  *|* Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
May 20 2022
32 mins
War On Ukraine: Russian Soldier Pleads Guilty In First War Crimes Trial In UkraineWhy Herschel Walker Is Scoring Big Among Georgia GOP Voters
May 19 2022
30 mins
War On Ukraine: Microchip Shortage Hurts Russia's War Machine