Not Every Stock That Glitters Is Gold, You Have to Dig a Little Deeper

The Dividend Mailbox

Apr 15 2022 • 22 mins

On the surface, a lot of companies may look like they fit the dividend growth model and could be good candidates. But you have to be careful, they could be duds. As with all investment ideas, it's never a bad thing to dig a little bit deeper into the company. At a minimum, you have to get a clear picture of how the company can sustain its operations, margins, and dividends. If it is hard to see how the company gets from point A to point B, that is a red flag.

In this episode, Greg uses Whirlpool as an example of a company that deceptively appears to fit the bill, but probably has a high chance of falling short. Later, he takes a look at how much you pay for growth versus value and why it is critical to pay attention.

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