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In need of a good read? Or just want to keep up with the books everyone's talking about? NPR's Book of the Day gives you today's very best writing in a snackable, skimmable, pocket-sized podcast. Whether you're looking to engage with the big questions of our times – or temporarily escape from them – we've got an author who will speak to you, all genres, mood and writing styles included. Catch today's great books in 15 minutes or less. read less

Our Editor's Take

Readers may love NPR's Book of the Day. On this podcast, listeners can hear from authors about their latest works. Genres include science fiction, fantasy, romance, nonfiction, and suspense. Books reveal how the world functions today and question why this is so. They entertain, provide an escape, and educate. The podcast answers many questions. What are the most important books of today? Why is dystopian fiction so popular? Listeners can get new reading lists and learn more about their favorite authors.

The novels and short stories these writers discuss can teach readers about the world around them. Stories examine world wars and activism. Some of them unveil American identity and the meaning of nationalism. Many are hilarious, mysterious, and delightful. In one episode, Kashana Cauley discusses the inspiration for her novel, The Survivalists. As a comic writer, she looks for comedy in tragedy. The book follows the story of doomsday preppers and the coming apocalypse. She reflects on NPR's Book of the Day how race and racism in the US affected her novel. In another episode, Ann Napolitano shares the inspiration for her novel Hello Beautiful. It is a story of family, sisterhood, and trauma passed on from generation to generation. Stories like these remind people of the importance of love and human kindness.

In a fascinating podcast episode, Ari Shapiro interviews Paul Scharre about his book. Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence warns readers of the improper use of technology. Professor Nita Farahany discusses The Battle for Your Brain. In this study, she investigates the potential for employers to track brain productivity.

The podcast covers today's best reads, from young adult novels to celebrity exposés. It lets listeners know what to read next in a few short minutes. It shares what makes each book and story powerful without giving away the end. Reading fans may relish each episode of NPR's Book of the Day.

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