Bridging The Spiritual Gap

Jennifer Febel of Live Life Unbroken

A podcast for the spiritually curious and scientifically minded.
50/Chat and Guided Meditation with Jackie Sharpe of The Light & Shadow Collective49/The Morphogenetic Field and Your Sphere of Influence48/What is Wim Hof Breath Work047/Mirror Gazing: A Path to Healing046/How to shake off stress - literally!045/What the heck is the Ego?044/Healing Through Shame043/Twin Flames and Soul Mates042/Understanding & Setting Boundaries With Self041/The Art of Receiving with Grace040/How to Bridge the Gap Between Your Head and Your Heart039/The Art of Being Self-ish038/The Four Clairs of Intuition037/Interview with Katie Gillan, Munchies & Mindset Podcast038/Understanding The Onion Model of Healing036/Understanding The Law of Attraction035/Interview with Heather Chapman of the Own It Empire034/What does it mean to be an Empath033/Getting to know your Pineal Gland032/How to Access and Hold Power