WWII at Arlington Cemetery

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May 28 2020 • 53 mins

"As they are retreating, he's going to hold off the Germans on his own with his rifle as the men retreat. He's also on his radio directing artillery fire to the German lines. Once he runs out of  ammunition in his weapon. He gets into the burning tank which is again on fire and could blow up at any moment, and takes the machine gun and starts firing at the Germans. He does this for an hour on his own."

UPDATE: We want to just make a quick correction to a statement made in this episode - both Medal of Honor AND Legion of Merit can be worn around the neck.

This week we talk about two of the many WWII figures buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Audie Murphy and James Doolittle.

You can get a full self guided tour of the cemetery (when it opens!) that includes Audio Murphy here: https://freetoursbyfoot.com/washington-dc-tours/walking-tours/arlington-cemetery/#self

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