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Religious Freedom is Advancing Backwards According to Religious Freedom Institute President

Lighthouse Faith

Feb 4 2024 • 39 mins

While technology moves ahead with seemingly lightning speed, it's sad to say that in the realm of religious freedom, we as a culture are moving backwards. This week, the Religious Freedom Summit wrapped up in Washington, DC. One of lead participant was Eric Patterson, president of the Religious Freedom Institute in the nation's capital. He spoke to Lighthouse Faith podcast just before the summit began, but already knew what the pressing issues would be. The basic human right to worship how you want, to live out your faith is under assault. In fact, worldwide we are worse off than we were 15 years ago. In Nigeria, Christians are being slaughtered. In China, the Communist regime is trying to mold faith in Jesus into a subservient of the party line. Even in Muslim majority countries, if you don't practice the type of Islam that's acceptable, you could be ostracized, or even killed. What's at stake here is what it means to be human. No one can take that away, but the evil in this world is trying its best. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit