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Christian Missionary on the Conversion of Iran, Biblical Prophecy, and Muslims Seeing a Mysterious Man in White

Lighthouse Faith

Apr 21 2024 • 44 mins

For three decades, Tom and JoAnn Doyle's ministry has focused on the Middle East. The two affable and faith-filled Americans have smuggled in Bibles and helped locals organize Christian house churches in places where it could bring a death sentence for converting from Islam. And yet, even under threat of death, there's been a massive conversion there, particularly in Iran, the country that just launched hundreds of missiles on Israel. What's the real take of how Iranians feel about their country's regime and its attack on the Jewish state? Is the missile strike fulfilling an ancient biblical prophecy in Ezekiel of Gog and Magog? And why are so many Muslims having dreams of a mysterious man in white? On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, the Doyle's talk about what's happening spiritually in the Islamic Republic, and how the Word of God is making miraculous changes in a people hungry for the truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit