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Promise Keepers Dares Men to Reclaim Biblical Manhood

Lighthouse Faith

Feb 11 2024 • 36 mins

In the more than 25 years since Promise Keepers began, the culture has shifted tremendously. And it's not been a positive move for men. Masculinity is called "toxic", and "straight white male" has become a euphemism for "devil incarnate". But Promise Keepers president Ken Harris and Dr. A.R. Bernard, the Senior pastor of New York mega church, Christian Cultural Center, are undaunted, and fearless in beckoning men to biblical manhood, and understand and live out what God has called them to be. It is not the secular culture or social media that defines a man, or the purpose for which he was born, it is God. Later this month Promise Keepers will meet in Florida, where thousands of men will step out in a move of "Daring Faith" hoping to build men of God. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Harris and Bernard speak about the problems men face in the world today, the messages they get wrong, and spiritual solutions to both. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit