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Author John Burke: Near Death Experiences Have Two Strong Commonalities, Light and a Love Beyond Comprehension

Lighthouse Faith

May 19 2024 • 40 mins

Imagine all the love you've experienced in your entire life, from parents, spouses, friends, family, and then multiply it a thousand times. That's the kind of love experienced by people who've had Near Death Experiences; they report being in the presence of God. NDE's, as they are known, are scientifically recognized phenomenon that occur when people are clinically dead and see visions of themselves, their bodies as paramedics try to revive them, doctors as they operate, or even family members in waiting rooms. Some even describe scenes they couldn't possibly have seen except supernaturally. But the one commonality: a love that is so deep and so complete they never want to return to their lives. It's the love they, and probably all of us, are searching for. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, John Burke, best-selling author of "Imagine Heaven" and now his follow-up "Imagine the God of Heaven," explains that millions of people from all different faith traditions, cultures, and educational backgrounds have had NDE's. But the vast majority report similar events, a welcoming benevolent Light and a Love that penetrates the deepest recesses of their souls. Burke says the only explanation is, it's evidence of not only the reality of God, but also God's relentless love. As the Scriptures say, "A love that surpasses all understanding." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit