Leveraging Celebrity Partnerships to get Real ROI with Melissa Conner


May 8 2023 • 43 mins

Melissa Conner is a partner and director at Jennifer Bett Communications. She has won awards for her communication skills and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. She joined Jennifer Bett Communications in 2014 and focuses on helping fast-growing consumer brands in an inclusive and sustainable way. She has worked with famous brands like Tom's, Sotheby's, and Jack Spade. In 2017, she received the PRSA's 15 under 35 award.


Being unafraid to speak up about what's important to you and your customers is key. While not all brands need to be activists, supporting causes that matter to you and your audience can build confidence and loyalty. - Melissa

The myth that working with celebrities always guarantees success is false. However, working with them can be beneficial if there is a genuine connection between the celebrity and the brand, and if the partnership is thoughtfully planned and executed. - Melissa

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Melissa’ career and how she became a part of the PR industry

About Jennifer Bett Communications and how they built relationships with their partners

Tricks and Myth about leveraging Celebrity endorsementsImportance of speaking up your ideas and saying no in certain situations

JBC's Focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in branding and communications

Melissa Conner
Partner & Managing Director at Jennifer Bett Communications
Linkedin:: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissa-duren-conner-0418414/
Links: https://www.jenniferbett.com

00:00 | Introduction
04:20 | About Jennifer Bett Communications
07:07 | JBC’s focused industries
11:21 | Partnership and building relationship
16:16 | Leveraging celebrity endorsements
26:14 | Melissa’s career on PR Industry
35:35 | Importance of speaking up and saying no
37:26 | Diversity, equity, and inclusion in branding and communications
40:48 | Leading women in various industries
42:22 | Conclusion

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