Christie Lagally - Driving a Mission in Plant Based Meat Products


Feb 15 2021 • 57 mins

This week on the Gooder Podcast I had the pleasure of talking with Christie Lagally, the founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods, a food production technology company working to make plant based meat price competitive with traditional chicken products. In this episode we discuss how Christie’s development of “Meatless Mondays” while working as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry at Boeing, helped her understand the barriers to plant based meat in offices and institutions. Join us as we discuss how Christie has parlayed this information into building her own company to bypass those barriers by catapulting meat alternative production toward price parity and convenience with animal-based meat.
In this episode we learn:
- The history of Christie’s brand Rebellyous, how it was started, and reasons for its existence.
- How Christie is using the pricing method to make her products accessible to everyone and why that’s important.
- How Covid impacted their company, the opportunities that came up, and how it affected their market, and how they responded.
- The importance of why brand owners should understand the purpose of their brand’s existence before they focus on the income.
- About the process of enrolling investors and partners
- Christie’s vision she has for Rebellyous and what people should expect in the near future.
About Christie Legally:
Christie is the founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods and a mechanical engineer who holds multiple patents in manufacturing technology. She spent much of her career in the aerospace industry working at Boeing. Previously Christie served as senior scientist for the Good Food
Institute and covering the technical barriers in the development of plant-based meat and clean meat.
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The Good Food Institute is an international 501 nonprofit that promotes plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs as well as cultivated meat.
Rebellyous Foods is a food manufacturing technology and production company defined solely to catapult meat alternative production toward price parity with animal-based meat.
Humane Society is a movement leader when it comes to farm animal advocacy in The United States.
Food Equality Initiative in Kansas City Improves health and end hunger in individuals diagnosed with food allergies and celiac disease through access, education, and advocacy.
Seattle Food Tech​​ is a food manufacturing technology and production company on a mission to “catapult meat alternative production toward price parity with animal-based meat.”

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