Never Stop Bee-Leavin' with Jennifer Wiese


Feb 13 2023 • 32 mins

Jennifer Wiese is the Founder and CEO of BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery. Her passion for creating delicious gluten-free food coupled with her drive to create and provide job opportunities for individuals with autism is what drove her to start the company. Her mission in doing so is grounded in her belief that any one person can make a difference in the world, and through their business.

Jennifer shares her journey as a mompreneur, shedding light on the struggles she experienced in the early days of starting the company paired with the valuable lessons she has learned along the way. Additionally, she offer advice that is inspirational for aspiring entrepreneurs and shares the exciting future plans for BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery.

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The history and motivation behind the BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery
The company’s mission and advocacy of the company
Milestone achievements and establishing a strong network


Jennifer Wiese, Founder & CEO of BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery


00:00 | Introduction
00:56 | About Jennifer Wiese
03:29 | BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery
08:05 | Connecting Gluten Free Diets & Autism
10:38 | A Mom on a Mission
15:21 | Building a Company
19:19 | It's About Who You Know
22:55 | Achieving Monumental Milestones
27:24 | Trust the Process & Your Product
28:03 | What's to Come for BeeFree
29:03 | Admiration & Inspiration
31:06 | Conclusion

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"We were looking for support for our son with autism. We wondered what we could do to give him the best shot at life, and that introduced us to a gluten-free diet." -Jennifer

"We're really passionate about being a source of employment for individuals with autism and providing jobs for people who are often overlooked." -Jennifer

"Believe in yourself and believe in your product and don't let other people knock you off your horse." -Jennifer