Revolutionizing Windows: Redefining the Design Landscape with Haley Weidenbaum


Jul 31 2023 • 46 mins

In this episode of Gooder, host Diana Fryc is joined by Haley Weidenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Everhem, Haley's passion for interior design started as a childhood hobby, and has since blossomed into a full-fledged mission to create homes that make people happy. With a keen eye for impeccable design, a bootstrapping mentality, and a charming positivity, Haley effortlessly infuses California cool with worldly accents.

She values modern functionality while appreciating the styles of the past. Join us as Haley shares her approach to making clients happy, one exquisite design project at a time. Let's dive in!

Today's episode is hosted by Diana Fryc of Retail Voodoo, connect with her on LinkedIn:


"Research and development before launch is crucial. It can make a significant difference in your journey." - Haley Weidenbaum

Our goal is to blend functionality and design, creating window treatments that embody both aspects." - Haley Weidenbaum

"Stay away from trends, especially when making significant investments. Opt for choices that will stand the test of time- Haley Weidenbaum

  • Revolutionizing Window Treatments: Functionality and Design Focus
  • Adapting and Thriving in Business Despite Adversity.
  • Seamless Installations and Personalized Design Tips
  • Everhem's Holistic Design Approach
  • Work-Life Balance and Celebration
  • Entrepreneurship Lessons: Trials, Errors, and Positive Feedback
  • Expanding Reach, Enhancing User Experience
  • Marketing Goals and Enhancing Customer Engagement.
  • Timeless Approach to Designing Window Treatments.

Haley Whedenbaum
CEO & CO Founder of Everhem


00:27 | Introduction
03:56 | Revolutionizing Window Treatments: Bridging Design and Tradition
08:22 | Building a Design Business: The Power of Collaboration
10:26 | Passion to Bliss: A Couple's Journey of Discovery
13:02 | Crafting a Vision: From Branding to Building Everhem
14:24 | Navigating with Adaptation and Communication
17:11 | Embracing Parenthood and Entrepreneurship
19:19 | Confidence & Perfection: Elevating Window Treatments Aesthetics
23:02 | Everhem's Hospitality-Inspired Customer Experience
28:35 | Streamlining Fabric Choices for Window Treatments
33:15 | Maximizing Individual Talents in a Partnership
37:28 | From Research to Resilience: Lessons in Entrepreneurship
41:35 | Expanding the Brand: Enhancing Websites and Growing Reach
43:21 | Empowering Women in Design: Elevating Sisters and Industry Peers
46:13 | Outro

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