Trust and Transformation in Women’s Supplements with Alex Taylor & Tori Thain Gioia


Jun 5 2023 • 35 mins

In this episode of Gooder, host Diana Fryc welcomes guests Tori Thain Gioia and Alex Taylor, the co-founders and co-CEOs of Perelel, a company specializing in doctor-approved nutritional supplements for women in their reproductive stage. Tori was inspired to initiate Perelel following her daughter's birth with a cleft lip, an event which led her to understand the link between this condition and nutrition. Driven by the absence of trustworthy nutritional guidance for expectant mothers, Tori, along with her team, strives to provide reliable information and quality products to enhance women's health. Diana engages in a conversation with Tori about the complexities of the supplement industry and the critical role of earning customer trust.


Embracing a holistic perspective, we shape our products and content based on insights from diverse experts – maternal fetal medicine specialists, naturopaths, reproductive psychiatrists, and nutritionists – to meet the diverse needs of women - Alex Taylor

What truly inspires us each day is the mission to foster a world where women are healthier, well-supported, and where moms and babies thrive with happiness and wellness" - Tori Thain Gioia

"Taking a sophisticated approach to supplementation can help fill the gaps and bring balance where it is needed." - Diana Fryc

Today's episode is hosted by Diana Fryc of Retail Voodoo, connect with her on LinkedIn:

  • Addressing challenges for women balancing career and reproduction
  • Urgent need for better research, advocacy, and doctor-approved products
  • Dissatisfaction with current products for millennial moms
  • Discovering link between pregnancy nutrition and cleft lip
  • Lack of reliable information on nutrition during pregnancy
  • Importance of doctor-developed vitamin routines
  • Focus on quality and dosage in supplements
  • Validation from Top OB and maternal fetal medicine experts
  • The Essence of Trust: Perelel’s Core Mission

Alex Taylor & Tori Thain Gioia
CEO/Founder of Perelel

00:00 | Introduction
02:28 | Unveiling the Inspiration behind Perelel
05:25 | Frustration to Inspiration: Building a Better Path for Millennial Moms
09:41 | OB validates need for new maternal product line
13:36 | Empowering Women through Skill and Purpose
15:43 | Entrepreneurs Face Challenges in Supplement Industry Expansion
19:35 | Reshaping Medical Knowledge for Equality
20:08 | Supporting women's health during peak years
25:56 | The Impact of Built-in Brand Credibility at Perelel
29:18 | Emphasizing Brand Reliability Over Celebrity Influence
33:11 | Mission-Driven Brands Advocating for Women Leaders
34:04 | Conclusion

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