Brewing Better with Betsy Frost


Mar 26 2023 • 40 mins

Betsy Frost is the CEO of Hoplark Brands, a company brewing tea like beer, with the hops, but without sugars, additives or any fermentation; each with the sophisticated flavor of hops, without the alcohol or calories. Betsy’s marketing background creating and growing businesses and brands makes her the perfect fit for the company. She has experience across various industries, from startups to large companies, and has a real talent for managing complex projects and partnerships. Betsy is known for being innovative, leading the brands she works with to new ideas that lead to exceptional growth. Additionally, she is passionate about developing people and creating an inclusive workplace culture.

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The Evolution of Hoplark Brands
The Sober Curious Space
Background Working at General Mills
Networking & Mentoring in Business


Betsy Frost
CEO of Hoplark Brands


"You don't have to stay someplace if you're not happy. There are a lot of options and not every place is the right fit, and that's okay.” - Betsy

"Keep your eye open for new open. Say yes to things. Just say yes and see where it takes you." - Betsy


00:00 | Introduction
03:23 | Meeting Betsy at Expo West
04:33 | What is Hoplark?
08:18 | The sober Curious Market
12:44 | Working at General Mills
24:45 | Networking & Mentoring
28:16 | Creating Your Ideal Working Space
33:48 | Advice & Wisdom Learned Along the Way
36:33 | What’s next for Hoplark?
37:47 | Promoting Amazing Women
39:20 | Learn More About Hoplark Brands

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