Creating a Crossover Company with Lucinda Wright


Feb 19 2023 • 50 mins

Lucinda Wright is a seasoned CPG executive with extensive expertise creating new businesses, building retail empires and creating meaningful marketing. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Cask & Kettle, she is the leader of the thriving spirit-making company based in Temperance, Michigan. Lucinda talks about creating a crossover between categories big and small and how this approach has impacted Cask & Kettle's business. From the beverage industry at large to alcohol and coffee combinations, Lucinda shares her knowledge and valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, she gives us a sneak peek into what's next for Cask & Kettle and shares insights into the products they create.

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-How Cask & Kettle StartedCreating new market opportunities in the coffee and alcohol industries
-The importance of a iron-clad mindset and facing entrepreneurial challenges


Lucinda Wright,
CEO of Cask & Kettle USA


00:00 | Introduction
01:00 | About Lucinda Wright
03:21 | What is Cask & Kettle?
06:30 | Discovering New Market Opportunities
07:53 | The All-in-One Keurig Cup for Coffee and Spirits
14:19 | Innovation in the Alcohol Industry
23:20 | Reflection on Becoming an Entrepreneur
30:11 | Overcoming Challenges and Reaching Milestones
37:41 | The Importance of an Iron-Clad Mindset
39:39 | What's Next for Cask & Kettle?
42:20 | Inspirational Innovators
48:33 | Conclusion

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"When you're a disruptive innovator like us, bringing a hot beverage into booze, something that has never existed before, the vast majority of the industry is very suspicious." -Lucinda

"I encourage anybody out there who's in innovation to probe around in the hybrid area." -Lucinda