Walk the Talk on Sustainability

Riikka Sukula

Walk the Talk is a curiosity driven and solution seeking podcast about sustainability in Wine, Gastronomy and Tourism. The host Riikka Sukula is Jackie-of-all-trades professional with over three decades of experience in hospitality, retail, restaurant, importing, vine growing and winery business. Walk the Talk welcomes guests who are dedicating their lives to sustainability issues and are unique specialists in their fields. Riikka’s mission is to raise awareness and constantly learn more about this complex theme which plays a crucial role in our everyday lives and in the future of our planet. Together with podcast guests, we learn both the big picture of sustainability and the practical small needed steps of action in our everyday life.

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#8 Tom Hyland, journalist and author  - The role of journalism in wine sustainability#7 Alexandra Stålhandske, Lively Wines Sweden - The crucial role of importers in choosing sustainably produced wines#6 Roberta Ceretto, Ceretto Winery - Installing sustainability thinking throughout the organization#5 Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu, SDG Monitor - Preparing a sustainability action plan#4 Deborah Parker Wong, Editor of SOMM Magazine & Slow Wine Guide USA - Sustainability in wine education
Almost as important as having a sustainability action plan and taking the actions for more sustainable wines, foods and tourism services is to communicate them clearly and transparently to the consumers. Deborah Parker Wong is a California based wine educator and journalist and she shares her views of the topic in this week’s episode.Slow wine guide is (to our knowledge) the only wine guide that has a sustainable criteria in its selection of wines and producers. Debra is the US Slow wine guide curator and director and in that role she has her finger on the pulse of what are the latest developments in sustainability actions in California and what we could learn from them in Europe.Deborah Parker Wong is also an ambassador of Vini del Piemonte, a sensory consultant, an associate professor at the Santa Rosa College but also a current PHD student in sensory sciences at the Fresno California University.www.deborahparkerwong.comFB: https://www.facebook.com/deborah.parker.wong/IG: @deborahparkerwongTwitter: @parkerwongLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahparkerwong/From the show:Pamela Strayer – Organic Wines Uncorked, https://winecountrygeographic.com/Bonterra - https://www.bonterra.com/California pesticide tracking tool - https://trackingcalifornia.org/pesticides/pesticide-mapping-toolCCOF - https://www.ccof.org/Demeter - https://demeter.net/SASB - https://www.sasb.org/Environmental impact of fast fashion - https://psci.princeton.edu/tips/2020/7/20/the-impact-of-fast-fashion-on-the-environmentConsumer sustainability efforts – I meant to include this, essential to using the Tesla and HE appliancesTime of use-rate plans for off-peak power - PG&E’s Time-of-Use rate plans (pge.com)http://www.sukula.com/podcast/Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/nk92y82pw2m)
Mar 22 2022
35 mins
#3 Amy Bellotti from Marc Lanteri Restaurant - Sustainability as a source of creativity in a restaurant#2 Enrico Rivetto from Rivetto Winery - Increasing biodiversity in the vineyards#1 Sara Vezza from Josetta Saffirio Winery - 360° thinking, small steps big resultsTrailer - Walk The Talk on Sustainability