Getting over yourself with Clarissa Casitillo-Ramsey

Midlife Schmidlife

Jan 11 2022 • 46 mins

Hey Scmidlifers!

We are kicking off 2022 with the series "How they got started."

I love hearing about a person's journey - where they began with the twists and turns that led them to where they are now. But, here's a hint - where we all end up isn't always where we had planned. And thank goodness for that! I mean, I would have never thought I'd be a podcaster!

My first guest of the series is Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey, a multi-passion entrepreneur: abstract artist, leadership & life coach, and author.

Clarissa helps men and women ready to transition out of the 9-5. She works with them to craft their corporate exit plan and build their creative business.

Clarissa is a serial career pivoter. She's worked in various industries from retail to higher education to healthcare and other places in between. Art and championing/developing others have been her through lifelines. In 2010 she landed her dream job as an internal development coach for a top-ranking healthcare organization. By 2018, Clarissa knew it was time to pivot again. That's when she decided to write about her desire to move to entrepreneurship. In 2020 she self-published her book Painting Your Path. I'm also featured in the book, so check it out!

Clarissa's story is inspiring in many ways. I hope there are places you can see yourself in her decisions and ways to take your next step forward.

You can find her at the links below:

Private Facebook Group:

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