Stephan Sieber, Chief Executive Officer of Transporeon

Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce

Sep 23 2022 • 33 mins

Since 12 November 2019, Stephan has been CEO of Transporeon. His professional focus has always been to use his wealth of experience to help organisations grow – and that is also his goal at Transporeon. Stephan spent 13 years working for SAP, including his role as managing director of SAP Switzerland and as chief operating officer for the DACH region. After his time at SAP, Stephan successfully shaped the development of ERP provider Unit4 over a period of five years, three of which as CEO with responsibility for more than 4,000 employees. Stephan holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

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Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • How the last two years impacted Transporeon and the future of the company
  • Acquisition and cultural alignment
  • Transporeon’s sustainability initiatives
  • What makes Transporeon unique
  • Overview numbers of carriers and shippers in the company’s platform
  • How they made their acquisitions - culture was a big part of it
  • Transporeon’s culture and success

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