#125 Fixing A Hole w/ guest Sonia Tetlow (singer, songwriter, musician)

Ranking The Beatles

Feb 28 2023 • 1 hr

Self-care isn't always something that gets prioritized when we're in our 20s. But the notion of taking the time to check in with yourself, to be mindful of the things going on around and inside of you seems to be something that Paul McCartney was tuned into in 1967. He credits this with the freedom to discover himself that he found through mind-expanding stimulants of the time, namely marijuana and LSD. "Fixing A Hole" is the result of this, a metaphorical look at taking personal stock and learning to look after one's self. It's an interesting tune that doesn't really sound like anything else on Sgt. Pepper, it's not overtly psychedelic, and personally, it's a bit of a sleeper for me. A sleeper in that I seem to forget about it but when it pops up I remember how lovely it is. There's some interesting questions about it too...did Mal Evans get a co-write on it? Did John really play bass? How did George get that rad guitar tone??

Joining us this week is the wonderful Sonia Tetlow, an Atlanta, GA-based singer/songwriter by way of New Orleans. She's got a fantastic new solo album out, "Better Days," which Jonathan played guitar on, and features previous RTB guests Andre Bohren and Paul Sanchez. We talk about what it takes to make a really great record, a mysterious Beatles song Sonia doesn't like, and much much more! Follow Sonia on Facebook, and you can stream "Better Days" anywhere you stream quality music, or download it or buy it on CD through her Bandcamp!

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