#126 - Mother Nature's Son with guest Susan Shumsky (author "The Inner Light: How India Influenced the Beatles")

Ranking The Beatles

Dec 28 2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

Originally sketched out in a notebook of song ideas started in Rishikesh, Paul's "Mother Nature's Son" is part of a trifecta of White Album songs where he emerges as fully formed solo artist, the only Beatle on the track. It's a beautiful acoustic-based song about the solitude and peace one finds in nature. Featuring a nice bit of Nilsson-influenced brass, it provides fantastic imagery and scenery, another of those great Beatle mind movies. And to my ears, it's also a LOT more autobiographical than it gets credit for. Paul had been somewhat isolated from the other 3 Beatles for a few years, socially, living in the city area of London, while the other three relocated to the stockbroker belt. The others took to LSD long before he did. He left India before John and George. In a lot of ways, he kind of HAD to become a self-contained solo artist to get out all the creativity he had inside him because he didn't have his partners around him as much. Maybe this poor young country boy is more telling of a track than we realize? Regardless, it's certainly one of his more beautiful acoustic tracks that he can just churn out so easily. This one feels so effortless and delicate and unguarded, in a way a lot of these songs don't for him.

Joining us this week for our 90th episode, and our season finale, is Dr. Susan Shumsky. Her new book is called The Inner Light: How India Influenced the Beatles. It's a topic she knows a thing or two about, as she spent several decades under the mentorship of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and has spent years teaching thousands of people meditation. We chat with Dr. Susan about her own experiences with Maharishi, his thoughts on the White Album, Paul being more of an open book than we realize, and much much more! Grab a copy of her fantastic book (we read it on vacation shortly after taping, it's great) at your local bookstore or online at drsusan.org.

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