#122 - Please Mr. Postman with guests Blotto Beatles

Ranking The Beatles

Mar 21 2023 • 1 hr 20 mins

The Beatles' love of r&b, Motown, and especially Smokey Robinson are no secret. They were such fans, their 2nd album, 1963's With The Beatles featured 3 motown covers, including "Please Mr. Postman," originally by the Marvellettes, and the first chart topping single for the Motown label. While it wasn't as big a hit in the UK, it was a hit with the Beatles, who added it to their set as early as December 1961. By the time they were working on their second album, they had turned it into a scorching, passionate tune, with one of John's finest early vocals, great backing vocals from Paul and George, and as always, rock solid support from Ringo. Their love of the material shines through, making for one of my favorite Beatles cover songs of the early era. It's just got...that thing.

We're excited to team up with our OG podpals for this episode! Those boys from Beantown are back, Becker, Tommy, Scotty C., and RB, the crew behind Blotto Beatles, the best ranking-while-drinking-Beatles podcast around! We love hanging and chatting with this crew, it's always a blast. We finally meet RB, the newest Blotto, and talk about his Beatle journey, Motown songs, Beatle covers good and bad, Blotto episode titles, and so much more! Be sure to listen to Blotto Beatles anywhere you get podcasts, on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and at blottobeatles.com for all things Blotto (incl. great merch!)

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