It's Helpful To Look Back And See What You Learned Last Year

Soul Solutions

Jan 10 2023 • 14 mins

Episode 128: It's Helpful To Look Back And See What You Learned Last Year

Show Description: Are you reflecting on the lessons you learned last year? Do you even know what you've learned? It's time to look back and review them.

Top Takeaways:

[2:42] Planned vs. Unexpected Lessons

[4:25] Knowledge Is Powerful

[5:42] What Did You Learn?

[9:40] My Lessons For Last Year

[12:01] Taking The Lessons Learned While Moving Forward

Episode Links:


Ø Blaming others

Ø Consciousness

Ø Cherished connections

Ø Transform your life

Ø Shifting perspectives

Ø Change

Ø Need to learn

Ø The choice

Ø Stretch yourself

Ø Wisdom

Ø I'm worthy

Ø The value of balance

Ø Did you pivot

Ø Fulfilling life

Ø Ground yourself

Ø New rituals or habits

Ø Trusted tribe

Ø Self-confidence


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