Here Is How To Live A Humble Life And Inspire Joy

Soul Solutions

Nov 8 2022 • 16 mins

Episode 119: Here Is How To Live A Humble Life And Inspire Joy

Show Description: Being humble is part of graceful living. Humility is a strength with distinct characteristics that you can learn to develop.

Top Takeaways:

[2:45] Humility Is Not Low Self-Esteem

[4:37] What Is The Opposite Of Humbleness?

[6:32] What Are The Characteristics Of Humility?

1.      [6:54] Awareness

2.      [7:10] Preserve Connections

3.      [7:43] Make Tough Decisions

4.      [8:06] Prioritize Others

5.      [8:51] Let Others Be Heard

6.      [9:37] Have A Growth Mindset

7.      [9:55] Express Their Thoughts

8.      [10:15] Have A Mentality Of Abundance

9.      [10:41] Humble People Welcome Criticism And Take Responsibility

[11:04] Why Does Being Humble Matter?

[12:37] How To Develop Humility

1.      [12:46] Learn active listening.

2.      [13:15] Become more mindful and present-oriented.

3.    [13:45] Be grateful for all you have.

4.      [14:06] If you need help, ask for it.

5.      [14:22] Ask for input from others.

[14:43] Humbly Moving Forward

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