Why It's Helpful To Cherish The Personal Connections In Your Life

Soul Solutions

Nov 15 2022 • 20 mins

Episode 120: Why It's Helpful To Cherish The Personal Connections In Your Life

Show Description: Cherish your authentic connections with others by learning to deepen those relationships. They're a vital component of living a graceful life.

Top Takeaways:

[2:58] Defining Personal Connections

[5:20] Overcoming Loneliness

1.    [6:05] Reach Out To Others

2.    [6:43] Take Bold Action

3.      [7:26] Be Of Service

[7:35] How To Make Lasting Human Connections

1.      [8:35] Communicate Consciously

2.    [9:26] Be Fully Present

3.    [10:23] Show You Care By Staying In Touch

4.    [11:31]Be Open And Vulnerable

5.    [12:25] Be Compassionate And Empathetic

6.    [13:25] Respond From Your Heart

7.    [14:40] Be Your Authentic Self

8.    [14:59] Be Open-Minded

9.    [15:54] Be Grateful For Your Cherished Relationships

10. [16:45] Consciously Choose To Love Unconditionally

[18:00] Moving Forward Cherishing Your Connections

Episode Links:

Ø https://terrikozlowski.mastermind.com/masterminds/25609

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Ø Love language

Ø Friends

Ø Be humble

Ø Connection

Ø More resilient

Ø Human connection

Ø Not belonging

Ø Your empowered

Ø Most courageous

Ø Take deliberate action

Ø Serving others


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