21 - Wink!

The Tinsmen Podcast

Mar 28 2023 • 2 hrs 3 mins

Opening with a variety of tasty beefy treats, the boys get into;

Bond films and cartoons brainwashed us into distrusting Russian people

Meat smorgasbord and how chimichurri goes with everything. Let us know if ice cream and cinnamon doughnuts are on the list

Burger Dimensions and what’s with dunkin em in stuff??!!

Tacos: aussies are fucking them up, so we’re renaming them. Introducing Nacho Burgers and Taco liners

Mambo and sunburnt southerners

Why we’re better at being shit than Triple J

Why do people need to make running harder?

Breaking up roadtrips

Even racist Lynx deodorant smells the same

Johnsys not as well versed in Muppetplace as he thought

Inflation beers

Suing over beer is unaustralian

Bitching about spotify

AI’s getting a bit hectic ay

Something about trout…………………. Nuff said


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