18 - Taking Epic Pics With Your D!ck Out: Nick Thake Photo Video

The Tinsmen Podcast

Nov 28 2022 • 2 hrs 26 mins

This time round, the boys catch up and swap of few old yarns with old mate Nick Thake. Marine Biologist, Commercial Diver turned Wedding Photographer.

As the title suggests, Nick does his best work with his fly down.

The boys talk Orcas, sharks, fish, brides and other things found in the ocean.

Keep your ears peeled for a sweet Dad Joke, it's so slick you may miss it.

Mates who bought a pub together and we plug our mates beers. Which, honestly is actually really good. Trust us. Raunchy Lager. Get Some. Drink It. Thank us later.

Keelz and Johnsy try to get the pro tips on taking mint photos without having to actually learn anything.

Garz missos dirty motorsport secret and the boys show Malaysia how to do beers.

Standby: New Merch incoming!


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