Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver


Minnie Driver questions everything... and her acclaim as an actor and musician is undoubtedly rooted in her enraptured observations of the world around her. Now, Minnie sits down with experts and trailblazers across disciplines and asks them the same seven mini questions, showing even small questions can uncover larger truths about happiness, failure, love, loss and belonging. In interviewing a range of characters, Minnie questions... how are we the same? How are we different? How do we become who we are? Minnie questions... because it is the questions we ask that help us understand the world around us, and ourselves. read less

Our Editor's Take

Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver is an unusual, intimate, and enlightening podcast. On the show, actor and host Minnie Driver asks famous guests seven questions. The purpose of these questions is to expose the guests' innermost selves. She adapted the questions from the Proust Questionnaire. In the 19th century, the questionnaire emerged as a parlor game. It attempts to reveal players' true nature. In recent years, Vanity Fair popularized the game.

Driver's movie credits include Grosse Pointe Blank and Good Will Hunting. She also starred in the TV show Speechless. The Oscar-nominated actor is also a talented writer and musician. In addition to hosting Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver, the British star created the program. Her yearning for a deeper understanding of human nature led to this podcast. Minnie explains in the podcast's intro that her entire career has a mission behind it. She explains she wants “to investigate the human experience.”

Minnie wants to know what makes people happy, what they are curious about, and what love means to them. The actress believes the collective answers to these questions reveal some universal truths. She asks questions that give listeners insight into the minds and experiences of guests. Listeners can expect to hear intimate, fascinating, and unknown details about well-known people. Viola Davis, Brooke Shields, Graham Norton, and Katie Nolan have all been on the podcast. Other guests on Minnie Questions include Kal Penn, Dave Grohl and Constance Wu. Minnie's well-crafted questions elicit intimate and organic responses from each guest.

The interviews on the podcast are so personal they sometimes feel like confessions. Minnie Questions is both a science experiment and a fact-finding mission. "What quality do you like least about yourself? What person, place, or experience has most altered your life?" These are two questions Minnie asks guests brave enough to talk to her on the podcast. The actress indeed has questions and is not afraid to ask.

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