Building a Legacy of Wealth with Brian Tracy: Part 1

The Real Estate Wealth Podcast with Edward Aloe

Apr 8 2024 • 49 mins

In this episode of the Real Estate Wealth Podcast, host Ed Aloe speaks with Brian Tracy, a pioneering figure in the realms of personal and professional development. With a career of over four decades, he has made his mark as a renowned consultant, author, and speaker. Brian talks about the journey of achieving success through persistence, the value of learning from mistakes, and the impact of developing success habits.

Listen this week as Ed and Brian discuss the critical role of due diligence in real estate and actionable strategies for personal and financial growth, emphasizing the significance of effective goal-setting and time management.


"Most people, unfortunately, are lazy, and they don't do anything that they don't have to do. But successful people are also lazy. However, they realize that if they can identify all the lessons that they learned, is that we will make all kinds of mistakes, but they will take the time to learn from each mistake." -Brian Tracy [14:06]

“Treat everybody like a million-dollar customer. It's the most wonderful thing to treat people, starting with your family in the morning, with your staff, you treat everybody like they're valuable and important people. This has a double effect. First of all, it makes you feel good about yourself to treat others well. It makes others feel good about themselves and they're committed to you and helping you.” -Brian Tracy [38:30]


  • Personal development and an abundance mindset are keys to amassing real estate wealth.
  • Selling more effectively and persistent action in pursuit of goals = more profit.
  • Embracing your mistakes as learning opportunities can catalyze success in real estate investment and beyond.
  • Brian’s "Seven-Step Method" to wealth: goal setting, planning, continuous learning, and consistent self-improvement.
  • Fostering positive relationships results in personal and professional success.


(01:44) Brian Tracy’s passion for personal and professional success

(04:40) Foundational principles of making money in any field

(10:58) Learning from mistakes and turning them into valuable lessons

(22:20) Habits for success

(30:03) The value of reading and internalizing key ideas from books

(35:01) Positive addiction and the importance of completing important tasks

(40:04) Incremental improvement: using the method to increase income

(47:44) Getting rich slowly and holding onto assets for long-term wealth


Ed Aloe


Brian Tracy