Unlocking Peak Performance: How to Avoid Burnout and Achieve Longevity with Phil Dozois

The Real Estate Wealth Podcast with Edward Aloe

May 6 2024 • 54 mins

In this episode of the Real Estate Wealth Podcast, host Ed Aloe speaks with Phil Dozois, a certified peak performance coach with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. Phil shares his passion for coaching for sustained peak performance, assisting leaders in their pursuit of work-life harmony while avoiding burnout. He also discusses why self-care is a critical asset in entrepreneurship, and shares how daily rituals can shape and maintain peak performance.

Listen this week as Ed and Phil explore the transformative impact of exercise and recovery on personal and professional success, discussing strategies to integrate healthy habits into a busy lifestyle.


"The other side of energy is recovery. It is important to realize that it's great to have high energy but to have high energy, you have to recover. You need to recover emotionally and mentally." -Phil Dozois [18:39]

“Whether you work out in the morning, at noon, or later in the day, I think working out is an essential habit. How often do you work out? I think everybody has to decide what that is for them. But there's no question that the number one lever for longevity and being healthier longer is working out. Be active and do things that you love.” -Phil Dozois [24:46]


  • Effective evening routines: power down and plan for the next day's tasks.
  • Morning power-up rituals: hydration, movement, and mental focus activities
  • How mindful practices, like meditation and gratitude, can dramatically improve mental focus and emotional resilience
  • Enhancing overall physical function and preventing injuries with flexibility and mobility exercises throughout the day
  • Developing habits that bring you joy and create physical and emotional longevity


(01:03) Phil's mission: guiding clients to avoid burnout and achieve work-life harmony

(04:32) True Wealth: peak performance and longevity

(11:30) Seven habits for sustained performance and success

(16:04) Powering up and powering down with routines

(25:19) The importance of strength training for metabolism and bone density

(32:29) Reframing exercise and feeling motivated

(36:56) Practicing meditation and deep breathing

(42:30) The impact of mobility on joint health and injury prevention

(46:06) Slowing down, appreciating progress, and visualizing success through journaling

(53:00) Connect with Phil


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