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Just Sleep - Bedtime Stories for Adults

Bedtime Stories with Taesha Glasgow

Do you have trouble drifting off to sleep? My mission is simple. To help you relax, put the stressful day behind you and drift off to sleep. In every episode, I will read an old story in the public domain. So lie down, settle into your pillow, close your eyes, and let me read you a story to help you sleep.

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Our Editor's Take

The Just Sleep - Bedtime Stories for Adults podcast wants to put its listeners to sleep. Taesha Glasgow discovered she had a special skill during the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress kept her husband up at night for a long time. After the two joked that her voice was smooth enough to help him sleep, she decided to try it out. Without putting too much effort into it, she started recording herself telling him bedtime stories. Sure enough, the trick worked, and he was again able to get his rest. Not long after, Taesha decided to share this gift with the world. She wanted to help other insomniacs get some necessary shuteye. So she started the Just Sleep - Bedtime Stories for Adults podcast.

The production of this sleep podcast is simple. It involves Taesha, a microphone, and a laptop. There are no guests and no special effects. Even the stories that the host reads are not original. They include classics like Animal Farm or tales by Anton Chekhov. The true star and the appeal of Just Sleep - Bedtime Stories for Adults is Taesha's unique voice. Not only is it calming, but it's also lower than most female hosts in this realm. It's hard not to doze off listening to it.

People may put on Just Sleep - Bedtime Stories for Adults with the intention of missing most of it. But they'll miss an entertaining listen. These classic stories gain new life with Taesha's masterful reading. She allows the listener to create vivid images in their mind thanks to her affectation. And if they should happen to fall asleep as a result, that's a welcome bonus.

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