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Our Editor's Take

Beloved TV, film, and Broadway actor Alan Alda is serious about science. His main contribution to the subject these days is the Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda podcast. The long-running show illustrates both science and how to explain the topic. Alda hosts many science-related conversationalists. In fact, he spoke with Dr. Anthony Fauci about the novel coronavirus before the public knew it as COVID-19.

Alda is best known for M*A*S*H, but the classic TV show is only one of his many achievements, and his work transcends the arts. A science advocate, he hosted PBS's Scientific American Frontiers for 15 years. He then cofounded the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. He currently remains on the center's advisory board. Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda helps expand his conversations on science.

The actor is also an author. And this podcast has the same theme as one of Alda's best-selling books. That title was If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look On My Face? The Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda podcast explains scientific topics. But it does it in an understandable way. It's about communication as well as science. So the show also brings on many guests who are not scientists. And they're all fascinating, be they actors, authors, journalists, or Supreme Court justices. Alda's beloved stature in his community makes it easy for him to secure exciting guests for the podcast.

Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda debuted in 2018. New episodes of the podcast come out each week. Listeners interested in science, communication, or fascinating conversations may enjoy this show.

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