Just Keep Going-with Jennifer Seeno Tucker-EP70

Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Jul 14 2020 • 43 mins

During today’s episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff Pfitzer speaks with award-winning realtor, Jennifer Seeno Tucker. In this episode, Jennifer shares amazing tips for young agents coming up in their business, struggling agents looking to rebound, and team leaders who want to help their agents get past setbacks. Episode Highlights:  Jennifer Seeno Tucker began her career as a physical education teacher then became an entrepreneur with her own preschool fitness business. She began her real estate career as a buyer's agent, working with her mother, a real estate veteran. Her daughter's father suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed their family life dramatically. She learned from this experience how to let go. Letting go of control helped her to see her business differently. After the tragedy, she began to focus on relationships and not just transactions. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit to bring your business success. Finding the right systems for you in your business can be a form of self care. Jennifer adheres to a Mediterranean diet. She found her ideal clients as she learned that people tend to work with others who are like them. She studied the DISC profile carefully to learn how to adjust her communication style to suit different types. Jennifer shares her approach to real estate during the pandemic. During the pandemic, Jennifer has shifted to virtual networking meetings. She even joined a new networking group during this time. Trauma can teach you that you need to keep going despite difficult circumstances. Jennifer was able to list ten houses during the quarantine and put four of them under contract. Trauma can teach you to prepare for the future and to focus on moving forward. Always know your numbers. Reverse engineer everything. Especially if you’re a new agent, focus on doing money-making activities on a daily  basis. When she was starting out, Jennifer leveraged her time for money and initially went doorknocking even though she didn't like it. Being proactive created the momentum she needed to move forward with her business. She also created a weekly email to stay in touch with her database. There isn't a silver bullet. Get to work to create momentum. Jennifer still spends time cold-calling. She calls a lot of pre-foreclosures. When you're creating a vision, start with where you live, work, and play first. You can build and grow your business even if you’re working with a small network. When you’re struggling, don’t forget the basics. Scroll through your contacts list. Be consistently present in your Facebook groups. If you don't like social media, it won't break your business. But if you're looking for ways to grow and evolve, social media can help you. Just do it. If you sit on your couch nothing will come to you.  What keeps Jennifer in the industry is not money. She loves connecting with people and helping them get from point A to point Z. Discover why you’re really in this business. Jeff explains how he builds relationships with people by using social media. The more you're seen, the more you're perceived as an authority. 3 Key Points:   Trauma can teach you that you can keep going even when circumstances are difficult.   Prioritize money-making tasks every day to move the needle forward in your business.   Doing the work will create momentum. Start somewhere and keep showing up.  Resources Mentioned: LCA Marketing Center: LCAmarketingcenter.com Lab Coat Agents: LabCoatAgents.com Jennifer Seeno Tucker website, Facebook Text Jennifer at (516) 361-2568 Become A Rock Star Real Estate Agent book Connect with Lab Coat Agents: Lab Coat Agents on Facebook Lab Coat Agents on Twitter Lab Coat Agents on Instagram Lab Coat Agents Facebook Group