She SAW Her Own Abduction Before It Happened!! Psychic Medium Annette Bricca

Messages of Hope

Oct 30 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Can psychics really see the future? YES. Listen in to hear how a 10-year-old Annette Bricca saw her own abduction before it happened! Plus so much, much more in this remarkable interview with the psychic Suzanne uses herself. Annette's not only a psychic, she's got mediumship skills, an awareness of who she really is, a strong connection to higher guidance, and she's very wise. You'll hear how Annette's skills were revealed to her as a child, before she really knew what was happening. You'll hear of her harrowing escape from her abductors at the age of 12, and her subsequent work with the police and FBI locating missing children. (Plus she makes a prediction about the future of the planet!) She's a well-kept secret, and rarely gives an interview. Enjoy this fascinating conversation between Suzanne and Annette. Find resources, gifts, inspiration, and insights: Get the free Awakened Way App: See more information on the Messages of Hope Podcast: Find Suzanne on Facebook: And on Instagram: Read more about The Awakened Way® Learn more about your ad choices. Visit