Discover How to Transform Your Law Firm's Online Presence with Empathy Driven Chat Automation

Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation

May 31 2022 • 58 mins

In the latest installment of EA Nation, we welcome Joe Ruotolo from Intaker. Richard James and Joe will show you how to transform your law firm's online presence with empathy driven chat automation. We will go over how your website's chat can make or break your prospects' first impression of your firm, and you'll learn some actionable steps to make your future clients say YES when they find you online. Time Codes: 0:01 - Introduction from Richard James 1:54 - Joe Ruotolo introduces himself and Intaker 8:15 - "My Business is not different from yours" oath 11:13 - Empathy Automated 17:01 - Why does empathy work? 18:19 - It's not about you...its about them 20:38 - Showing empathy helps prospects trust you 20:59 - Empathy is a pattern interrupt 22:01 - Empathy is natural over the phone 22:52 - Fewer people call law firms today 23:26 - Web chat and forms are too cold 25:35 - New tools automate empathy and streamline the intake process 27:56 - Empathy driven chat automation increases your lead conversion 30:39 - People want to see your personality before they make a decision 32:18 - What else can empathy-driven chat automation do? 36:56 - Qualify leads on autopilot 38:10 - Filter out the noise 40:09 - Automate next steps in the buying journey 41:04 - What are the risks and limitations of these tools? 41:38 - Website performance and loading speed 44:29 - Optimize core web vitals to eliminate impact to SEO 47:40 - Cost vs benefit. Which product should I choose? 48:29 - Free/Included: Good starting point for low traffic sites/Upgrade your tool as website grows 49:35 - Premium: Best for optimized conversion/Must-have for high traffic sites 50:22 - Empathy driven chat bots are taking over! 50:39 - And your competitors are quickly adopting it 52:22 - Case study 53:47 - Episode summary & conclusion 58:07 - End of episode Connect with Richard James: (The Success Network) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Website)