Chris Hansen On How Jimmy Hoffa’s Kidnapping Inspired His Career

Moving Past Murder with Collier Landry

Apr 22 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

Christopher Hansen, an American television journalist, and YouTube personality joins Collier Landry for episode 34 of Moving Past Murder.  In this episode, Chris shares why “To Catch A Predator” really ended. He talks about how covering trauma has affected his life as a parent and what he does to cope. He shares the latest on his investigation into YouTube predator Onision. Hansen is known for his work on Dateline NBC, in particular, the former segment To Catch a Predator, which revolved around catching potential Internet sex predators using a sting operation. He hosts Killer Instinct on Investigation Discovery, which documents homicide investigations. In September 2016, he became the new host for the second season of the syndicated show Crime Watch Daily. Highlights: Chris Hansen on moving past the trauma that comes with catching predators  Why “To Catch A Predator” Was Cancelled Prosecuting predators for “sex tourism”  How Jimmy Hoffa’s Kidnapping Inspired Chris Hansen  How Chris Hansen copes with covering the trauma  Watch Chris Hansen Live as NYC Subway Shooter gets Caught  YouTube Episode link: https://youtu.be/3n2MyDTD53M (https://youtu.be/3n2MyDTD53M) Links Mentioned:  Chris’ Podcast: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hdWRpb2Jvb20uY29tL2NoYW5uZWxzLzUwNTk4NjYucnNz?sa=X&ved=0CAMQ4aUDahcKEwiY2vig9KX3AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAQ&hl=en (Predators I’ve Caught ) Chris’ True Crime Network: http://www.watchtrueblue.com (www.watchtrueblue.com) Moving Past Murder Website: http://www.collierlandry.com (www.collierlandry.com) https://www.collierlandry.com/single-post/how-jimmy-hoffa-s-kidnapping-inspired-chris-hansen (Click for Full Transcript)