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Apr 2 2024
MEET 100 PEOPLE WITH PAT HEDLEY - I CHALLENGE YOU TO MEET 100 PEOPLE! WHAT IS NETWORKING? LINK TO BUY BOOK ON AMAZON Welcome Back to my Channel, Linda Love Talks. I am so excited about this episode – Book Author Edition, Ms. Pat Hedley, an Investor, Advisor, and Book Author. And I’d like to add this additional title of Networking Guru. Her book, titled “How to Meet 100 People,” is the must-read book you should be reading right now, especially if you are about to enter or graduate from college, especially if you are a first-generation college student or an introvert! “Networking can happen on planes, at barbecues, at basketball games. Everyone has the seeds of a great network within reach. We must proactively meet people in person to establish genuine relationships and build a network with life-long value. Pat Hedley offers hard-earned wisdom about the true spirit of networking, a learned skill that anyone, even introverts, can master. She debunks the notion that networking is a self-interested act. Instead, she reveals it as a life-long endeavor based on cooperation and reciprocity. Meet 100 People provides the networking toolkit for career success by offering inspiration, motivation, and practical advice - Real stories from those beginning the networking process - Sample resumes and outreach emails - Dos and don'ts - #Meet100People #Career #BookAuthorInterview #GetTheJOB #GetTheMoney #HarvardUniversity #HarvardGraduate #FirstGenerationCollege #Harvard Alumni #SelfHelp #Business #CollegeGraduate
Would Kentucky Voters Approve a Ban on Assault Weapons? Book Author Interview with Macaulay Minton
Feb 27 2024
Would Kentucky Voters Approve a Ban on Assault Weapons? Book Author Interview with Macaulay Minton
#GW #GSPM #MassShootingsBook Author Edition. I sat down with my co-author to discuss the book that we wrote. America has a complex relationship with guns that is a persistent connection to firearms. Guns, sadly, have been integrated into the fabric of American society/culture from the beginning of American history. (Mitchell, the demographics of gun ownership 2022) Guns remain a source of pride, prestige, and sometimes social status. The early Americans used their firearms for their daily lives, such as hunting and shooting for sport, or many times since, in the early days, the country was still developing and had little to no law enforcement. Most gun owners counted on their right to bear arms as a part of American freedom. In current times, there has been a rise in mass shootings (Lemos, Stop the Killing: How to End the Mass Shooting Crisis with Katherine Schweit, 2023), and gun-related violence has increased the debates over gun policy. A specific proposal suggested is a state constitutional amendment that would ban the possession of assault weapons and the manufacturing, selling, transferring, and receiving of such weapons. The question that arises is, would Kentucky voters support such a proposal? We proposed a question and set out to research it by both historical references, conducting political research polls, and inquiring with the Kentucky voters. The target population is 3,466,031 registered Kentucky voters (Kentucky, Commonwealth of Kentucky State Board of Elections 2023). Survey questions will be formatted into an online survey that participants can quickly complete. This will be done using SurveyMonkey’s online survey software, allowing easy customization and data analysis. The survey will be deployed through an email list, social media, and other digital channels. To ensure that the study is accessible to diverse voters and that participants represent the state's population. The findings will be compiled and reported clearly and concisely as an academic paper and YouTube video presentation of key results and implications for policymakers and the public. #GW #GSPM #MassShootings #Guns #Data #politics #Polling #Survery #amazon #book #University #Laws #voters #kentucky #AssaultWeapons #Analysis #CNN #CNNCallMe #ElivaPress #Barnes&Nobel #Ingrid
Education - Affirmative Action Part 2 with Toni Marsh
Feb 7 2024
Education - Affirmative Action Part 2 with Toni Marsh
PART 2 OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION WITH LINDA LOVE TALKS Part 2 of the LINDA LOVE TALKS podcast features Dayna Bowen Matthew, JD, PhD, Dean and Harold H. Greene Professor of Law at the George Washington University Law School, and Professor Marsh is the founding director of the George Washington University paralegal studies master's degree and graduate certificate programs, an associate professor of Paralegal Studies, and the Faculty Director of the Global Leadership Development Program. She serves as a Faculty in Residence in Philip Amsterdam Hall. She currently serves as the President of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE). Professor Marsh has worked extensively in Tanzania, where she designed the first formal paralegal education program in that nation at the University of Bagamoyo, where she serves as visiting professor. The paralegal curriculum she designed is in use throughout the mainland. Prior to joining GW, Professor Marsh designed and directed the paralegal studies program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and taught paralegal studies at Georgetown University. Professor Marsh practiced criminal and juvenile law. She is also the author of Juvenile Law. If you want to learn more about this important issue, check out the podcast episode on Spotify, Amazon or YouTube. hashtag#AffirmativeAction hashtag#Education hashtag#Law hashtag#Success hashtag#TalkShow hashtag#LindaLoveTalksPodcast hashtag#GW hashtag#Alumni hashtag#admissions hashtag#collegeadmission hashtag#GettingToTheHeartofTheMatter hashtag#Love hashtag#college hashtag#university #legal#legal hashtag#law hashtag#Technology hashtag#SocialMedia hashtag#GSPM hashtag#Politics hashtag#lindalovetalks hashtag#Amazon hashtag#nsls hashtag#KeynoteSpeaker hashtag#CommencementSpeaker hashtag#MotivationalSpeaker hashtag#GW hashtag#FirstGen hashtag#BreakingBarriersTogether hashtag#SpeakerWithSeveralExpertise hashtag#Technology hashtag#PresentationTips hashtag#AlwaysPrepared hashtag#leadership hashtag#Author hashtag#Diversity hashtag#KeynoteSpeaker hashtag#EventProfs hashtag#SpeakerLife hashtag#businessowners hashtag#growth hashtag#Leadership hashtag#MotivationalSpeaker hashtag#PresentationTips hashtag#PublicSpeaking hashtag#LindaLove hashtag#LindaLoveLemos hashtag#LLL hashtag#SpeakerLife hashtag#University hashtag#College
Jun 25 2023
SEASON 2 EPISODE 14 This was a learning experience for me! I want financial freedom and wealth generation. Like who doesn't? But many of us don't have the knowledge or the tools. This is why I brought you an Expert! Ana Rodríguez García CEO of Empowered Supernova Ltd. Mission Ana’s mission is education. In particular, provide people with the knowledge and tools to reach financial freedom so they can focus in their purpose, share it and, thus, produce a multiplying effect on the abundance of the world. Summary Ana worked for 20 years as a chemist in two different companies: ten years as the director of the laboratory of an environmental Spanish company and some other ten as the director of the Spanish branch of an Irish company specialized in regulatory affairs. Since 2012, Ana teaches how to find high-quality companies, identify when they are at a good price to acquire them, and how to use these shares as assets, thus, obtaining a monthly income from them. The growth, on average, is 4% a month. She is the CEO of Empowered Supernova Ltd., a trader, and teaches future traders and also teaches them to invest in the stock market both in English and Spanish. At the same time, and since early 2020, she is the host of the podcast “Empowering Stories”, where she conducts interviews focused on inspiring others, and a series called “Nuggets of Positive Mental Attitude”, along with Martín Fernández Gigli, this one in Spanish. She also writes articles for the magazine “Gennialls” since the first issue. Another way for Ana to share the wisdom of her experience is through books, some of which we include here: “Instruction Manual to live in this new era”: live-new-era Konversations with my kids, vol 1, English, Paperback: Konversations with my kids, 2, English, Paperback: “Rhymes and Riddles, Giggles and Tickles”: (several books). Empowered: The story, English ( 4 steps for financial freedom: Cash from Silver: El Dorado, optimize your options trading: “Thank you, mum. A spiritual approach to narcissism”. In preparation. Social media: Twitter: @EmpoweredSuper1 Contact details: