Ep 72: Whoa, Uglies!


Sep 5 2022 • 25 mins

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society,  the world's funniest biologist Simon Watt, and a Blobfish walk into a bar; Melissa is grossed out by sound effects. We're back, baby! Season 4!

#UglyAnimalDay is September 8th, 2022 - use the hashtag and let's DO THIS!


The Ugly Animals: We can’t all be pandas! (Go get it as a gift for your favorite little nature nerd, or to put on your shelf!)

https://uglyanimalsoc.com/ - go become a member of the Ugly AnimalPreservation Society-it's funny, it's nerdy, it's smart, and it's free!

https://www.edfringe.com/ Simon's show on the Ugly Animals Preservation Society




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmyUm7n1U7k (Unusual creatures: The Incredible True Story of the Blobfish song)


Intro/Outro: Tiptoe out the back by Dan LIbowicz!
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Intro/Outtro music: Tiptoe Out The Back - Dan Liebowicz
Interstitial Music: MK2
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Your host, Melissa McCue-McGrath is an author, dog trainer, and behavior consultant in Southern Maine. She'll talk about dogs all day if you let her. You've been warned :)