Ep.24 Pizza, podcasting and "true crime" stuff with Intruder Green (Masked Intruder)

The Punk Roquette show

Jul 19 2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Hi, punkrockers!!!! On this episode, you’re gonna hear the interview I made with Intruder Green, from Masked Intruder ! It was hilarious! We talked about Pizza, podcasting, our crime stories, beer, jail, tour bus, touring, etc. What a fun moment with a great dude. Check his podcast!

(For those who don't know Masked Intruder and their concept, Of COURSE, when we were talking about stealing stuff, it's all JOKES! It's a gimmick)

I also make a rePUNKmmendation for the band Mallwalker, from Buffalo, USA. They are so good and their music are full of many different influences!

Punk your life!


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Intruder Green







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