Finding True Spirit Connection

Heather Giesbrecht

The Spirit within has all the answers. It is up to us to listen to our true self purpose, connected to synchronize moments in everyday living. The truth is all around us, guiding our Spirit in directions of revelation, recognition, and True Spirit Connection. Join Heather, the host of Finding True Spirit Connection and founder of True Spirit on digging down deep to the truth of the human spirit. Every week Heather will share her synchronized personal experiences on the journey of Finding True Spirit Connection. Entailing how her story began as an empathic child to now, a well known Vibrational Healer/ Psychic Medium. This podcast will also take a huge look at how unseen Vibrational energy plays a big role in everyone’s lives. New Earth Vibration, Spirit, Energetic body flow, and the Quantum field plays a huge role in finding the rhythm you came to this planet for. Lets break open the truths of True Spirit Connection and get started right now. Thanks for being here and Enjoy! read less
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