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Story Time Animated

Story Time Animated

A place for people to have their stories animated and shared with the world.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Our Editor's Take

Story Time Animated is a podcast with a unique premise. Storytime animation is where animators transform people's stories into short TV shows. The YouTube channel allows people to watch these animated versions of stories. This podcast offers a different format to enjoy. The stories usually involve young children, making this show fun for younger listeners.

Each episode is its own story-but no matter what, they start the same way. The young listeners learn about the experiences of their pals from all around the world. They hear stories from children in New York, Ireland, or Portugal. Subscribers from all over the world can submit their life story to Story Time Animated.

Story Time Animated allows kids to relate to common thoughts and experiences. For example, "everyone thinks my older sister is perfect" is a common sentiment. There's an episode about a girl who believes her parents prefer her older sister. In another episode, mean boys call two sisters "little losers" for playing with dolls. Hearing this can feel relatable for someone who's experienced something similar. Another storyteller talks about how she wishes she were an only child because she feels like a parent to her little sister.

Many episodes also show how different everyone's lives are. One episode shows listeners what being a billionaire's daughter is like. Another starts with a young woman named Ava getting into a fighting ring to box. Ava's opponent, "the Wrecker," is someone she was not expecting-but she fights bravely.

This podcast will show more young listeners that they're not alone with their experiences. It also teaches them how different others' lives can sometimes be. No matter the lesson, this show offers entertaining, kid-friendly stories. New Story Time Animated episodes come out several times per week.

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