From Zero To Fully Booked | S02E08

Introverts Thriving In Business

Mar 13 2023 • 41 mins

This week I’m joined on the podcast by two special guests. Jessica Andersen and Miemie van Loggerenberg.

Jessica and Miemie are both members of Business Growth Lab who recently celebrated becoming fully booked. They are also introverts and each found a unique way to build a business they love.

Listen in to hear exactly how Jessica and Miemie went from zero to fully booked. You’ll discover which marketing strategies worked for them and the struggles they overcome along the way.

This episode is packed with wisdom and insights for the introverted solopreneur!

What you’ll learn on today’s episode:

  • How Jessica overcame imposter syndrome when switching from professional career to business woman.
  • A simple reframe to help make selling feel natural: “You don’t sell. You just tell.”
  • How Miemie sold out her first paid workshop in one month.
  • Jessica’s LinkedIn strategy and three tips to make marketing much easier.
  • What advice Miemie and Jessica wish they’d known when they were starting out.

Featured on this episode:

Jessica is a book coach and editor for high-impact leaders. She partners with them to develop, write, and refine a book for their brand or business. You can connect with Jessica on LinkedIn: and her website:

Miemie’s passion is to empower women to live their finest lives. She is a personal coach who helps with fulfillment, career optimization, and relationships. Miemie also publishes a bi-monthly online magazine and offer workshops and retreats. You can contact Miemie at and find out more on her website:

Get more information about Business Growth Lab here: