When To Change Your Business Niche | S01E17

Introverts Thriving In Business

May 30 2022 • 20 mins

Have you ever felt an urge to change your business niche? Do you find yourself constantly researching different ideas? Or daydreaming about how much better it would be if you switched to something else?

These are all signs of niche indecision. And it’s extremely common.

However, switching niches is rarely the answer. If you jump ship too soon, you waste any progress you’ve made and will end up taking all the problems you have now into your next business idea.

So, what should you do? When is it a good time to switch niche? And if you don’t change, what should you do instead?

In this episode I show you what’s behind niche indecision and provide a simple framework to help you make the best decision for you and your business.

Whether that’s stay with your current niche or switch to something new.

What you’ll learn on today’s episode:

  • What’s really behind niche indecision.
  • Four compelling reasons to stick with your current niche.
  • How to make the best decision for you and your business.
  • The one time it IS a good idea to change your business idea.

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