No Regrets Retirement Planning with Dorian Mintzer and Robert Laura

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Oct 4 2022 • 59 mins

Episode Guest: Robert Laura, author, The Naked Retirement, and founder of The Retirement Coaches Association

Episode Description:

Too often, retirement planning assumes that people have 20-30 years to do whatever they want when they want. However, that's not the case because retirement can change quickly and only comes with one true guarantee --that you will die at some point during it. That may sound like the perfect conversation to avoid, but it can change how you think, act, and invest in retirement.

In this episode, you'll discover how to:

  • Reunite with your life's passions, goals, and dreams
  • Receive hope and direction for any situation and season of retirement
  • Strengthen relationships and prepare your body, mind, and spirit for a successful transition
  • Recognize retirement's true purpose and opportunities
  • Afford more things than money could ever buy
  • Remove the burden, worry, and stress related to money and retirement
  • Feel healthy and refreshing because you're taking time out for yourself
  • Save years of heartache and pain and from figuring out retirement the hard way

About Robert Laura:

Robert Laura is a retirement transition planning speaker and coach, and pioneer of "The New Retirement," which includes planning for both the financial and non-financial aspects, including the need to develop a written plan for everyday life in retirement. He is the author of Naked Retirement, Retirement RX, Retirement Roots. Retirement Challenge, and Financial Karma.

He has garnered a unique look at wealth and retirement by working closely with his clients for the last twenty years and interviewing numerous celebrities, entertainers, and athletes.

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