Million Vegan Grandmothers

Tami Hay

As the Million Vegan Grandmothers and wisdom carriers, we gather to express our fierce love for our children and grandchildren and invite everyone to take our Homo Ahimsa pledge: “I pledge to honor and protect all the animals, peoples and Mother Earth herself by joyfully embodying and promoting an infinitely sustainable, cruelty-free Vegan lifestyle that heals the climate and restores right relationships in the true spirit of Homo Ahimsa for all generations to come.“ We, The Million Vegan Grandmothers and wisdom carriers, join together using the power of love–love for the children and grandchildren of all beings and for Mother Earth. Welcome are all people regardless of gender, age, and official grandmother status, who align with the values of veganism and this declaration. We affirm the right of all beings to live in a natural, toxic-free environment which allows all to thrive and to lead sacred, liberated, sovereign, and joyful lives. The power of our love is unstoppable. We do not allow this planet and all who live here to be destroyed. We are creating a vegan world of peace, freedom, and loving kindness for all. read less
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The Vegan Advantage: Transforming Energy, Mood, and Strength Through Fitness with Erin DeMarines
Mar 12 2024
The Vegan Advantage: Transforming Energy, Mood, and Strength Through Fitness with Erin DeMarines
Join us for an enlightening discussion with fitness expert Erin DeMarines as we explore "The Vegan Advantage." Discover how adopting a plant-based lifestyle can revolutionize your energy levels, mood, and physical strength. In just a few minutes, gain valuable insights into the intersection of veganism and fitness, empowering you to unlock your full potential. Subscribe now for more inspiring conversations on harnessing the power of vegan living for optimal health and wellness! About Erin - Vegan food developer, Athlete, chef, and entrepreneur, Erin DeMarines has been eating plant-based for over 20 years and is passionate about creating delicious meals and enjoyed by all. Sharing her love of food and fitness, Erin is currently in the process of creating a vegan cookbook. She collaborates with Tampa Bay chefs to include her plant-based dishes on their menus. Devoted, mom, athlete, and vegan, Erin focuses on living a full sustainable life, driven by her passion for leaving the world a better place. Erin didn’t trade in her running shoes, she knew from training, how imperative proper eating habits are, and thus, the 3BAR energy bar was born, using her grandmother's cookie recipe. Now the 3BAR power bites currently are distributed in over 60 stores and growing! Erin is committed to developing vegan food that not only tastes great but is equally nutritious and balanced. Register for our upcoming convergence, click on the below link Do Check the below links - Our Summer School on Animal Thinkers: Animal Theologians: