Dr. Sara Gottfried on Women, Food, & Hormones

The Lab Report

Jul 23 2021 • 34 mins

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a key opinion leader as it relates to hormone balance. As a New York Times best-selling author, practicing medical doctor, researcher, university professor, and popular speaker, she offers an evidence-based approach to hormones and nutrition. Her upcoming book “Women, Food, & Hormones” outlines the latest research combined with her vast clinical experience to help women lose weight and get to the root cause of hormonal complaints. In today’s episode, we discuss the interconnection of hormones with diet and the microbiome, and we hear about her approach to bio-identical hormone replacement therapies. Today on The Lab Report: 3:20 Meet Dr. Sara Gottfried and hear her journey to root cause medicine 8:50 Diet, metabolism, and hormones 12:45 Pre-diabetes and continuous glucose monitoring 14:35 Heart rate variability testing and cortisol 17:00 When to use bio-identical hormone replacement 20:20 Cortisol’s effects on other hormones 22:25 The role of the microbiome 25:25 Dosing and timing of hormone replacement 30:50 How you can work with Dr. Gottfried 31:50 The Fireball Additional Resources: saragottfriedmd.com Marcus Institute of Integrative Health Women, Food, & Hormones The Hormone Reset Diet The Hormone Cure Brain Body Diet Younger Subscribe, Rate, & Review The Lab Report Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of The Lab Report, presented by Genova Diagnostics, with your hosts Michael Chapman and Patti Devers. If you enjoyed this episode, please hit the subscribe button and give us a rating or leave a review. Don’t forget to visit our website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Email Patti and Michael with your most interesting and pressing questions on functional medicine: podcast@gdx.net. And, be sure to share your favorite Lab Report episodes with your friends and colleagues on social media to help others learn more about Genova and all things related to functional medicine and specialty lab testing. Disclaimer: The content and information shared in The Lab Report is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. The views and opinions expressed in The Lab Report represent the opinions and views of Michael Chapman and Patti Devers and their guests. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.