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This Podcast is a Friend to Prostitutes Everywhere
Jan 17 2022
This Podcast is a Friend to Prostitutes Everywhere
This Sucky Podcast is now officially live streaming on the GETTR Platform!   Check out the replay of the livestream at: January 16, 2022 This week’s Sucky Podcast guest is today is Ruben "Baby Horchata" Ramirez, a Mexican-American Actor, Writer, Director, Stand-up Comedian, and Producer. Being known for his funny character in the stand up world, he takes pride in his ability to be a bad guy in front of the cameras. Being an Actor and Director has helped his writing skills in both film and when writing material for his comedy shows. He was born and raised in Joliet until he moved to central Illinois when he was 14. He dropped out of Joliet Central High School before transferring to Pekin Community High School where he found his love for the arts. During the Pandemic he started his own film company called Starpower Film Company (a sister company of Starpower The Elites) with Mario Canon. 2021 has been a good year as his company won a Best Lighting Award, Best Actor (2x), People's Choice, and Best Director award. On top of films, he has directed rappers Mario Canon, Montana of 300, and Twista. Social media handles: Instagram -   also he is now-> _babyhorchata on GETTR On this week’s show we discuss: Prostitutes are not just for Ugly People. Don't Troll the Chat Room During the Live Show. How did the Pandemic help/hurt Indie FilmMakers Relatively Famous is a funny show and I got a really fun "Lets Go Brandon" badge in honor of the first epsiode we ever did last year. You can find it at this ETSY Shop: CLICK HERE FOR CONSERVPROSPECTS ON ETSY And so much more. You can follow This Sucky Podcast on a lot of different Sucky Social Media Platforms Visit our main website more info! Email us at or send us a MESSAGE by clicking the message button at by Bradley Laborman Laborman on GETTR --- Support this podcast: